tele-funk-en (2020)

Tele-Funk-En 06:03
D-Pop 06:59
Frog Can 05:13 


released July 13, 2020

written/produced/mixed/designed by M.A.Barbosa
recorded at Rio de Janeiro, spring 2019-summer 2020
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stay at home, listen to music, make some e

omnia (2019)

borealis: omnia 
performed, arranged, produced and mixed by 

1. swallowed 
2. almost there 
3. [breaking] the waves 
4. haçienda 
5. swoon 

6. ride 
7. event horizon 
8. summer 
9. d.b. 
10. turf rock 

recorded and mixed at Rio de Janeiro, winter 2017-spring 2018. mastering powered by 
LANDR. packaging designed by 
M.A.Barbosa. cover: graphic representation of all the observable universe 

Marcelo Costa and, 
João Bernardo Caldeira, everyone who streamed and/or downloaded and/or buzzed about borealis. 


all rights reserved, copyright and licencing info: 

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to be played at maximum volume 

released January 10, 2019

a Scream & Yell Records release

swoon (2018)

   1.Swoon 05:21 
2.Suspension 06:18 
3.Chase 10:30 


borealis: swoon EP 
written, performed, sequenced, recorded, edited and mixed by M.A.Barbosa, spring/summer 2017, Rio de Janeiro 


swoon: also included on O M N I A, 3rd full-lenght borealis' release

suspension and chase: originally written and produced for the soundtrack of the stage play ATAFONA: O FIM, written and directed by João Bernardo Caldeira, 2017. tracks were reworked/remiixed for this release. 


publishing, contact etc: 


thanks: João Bernardo Caldeira

released November 29, 2018

haçienda (2017)

released June 4, 2017 

borealis: haçienda EP. 
1. haçienda [amyl nitrate remix] 
2. haçienda [omnia original mix] 
3. haçienda [synth strings & piano version] 

written, arranged, produced, recorded & mixed by 
recorded at rio de janeiro, summer/autumn 2017 
design by 

more borealis: 
on streaming services: search for "borealis hacienda" 

haçienda [omnia original mix] included on 
omnia, out on 2019

post solis (2016)

1. W25 v. Type B 09:26 
2. Astral 06:13 
3. Supercollider 03:04 
4. Telstar 02:48 
5. [Requiem for the] Men Behind the Sun 05:27 
6. El Fuser 06:56 
7. Skyline 04:17 
8. Les Amants 06:24 
9. Pompeii 04:46 


released September 13, 2016 


borealis: post solis. 

written, arranged, performed, programmed, sequenced, recorded & mixed by 

recorded and mixed at 
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, autumn-winter 2016. 

mastering powered by 

packaging designed by 

copyright, licensing & info: 


Piotr Grudznski, Igor Guerrero, Ricardo Schott/Programa Acorde, Marcelo Costa/Scream & Yell, Alexandre Aquino & Paulo Almeida, Gilber T, Na Mira do Groove, Marcelo Colares, everyone who streamed and/or downloaded and/or buzzed about the first album. 


to be played at maximum volume.


all rights reserved

borealis (2015)

1. All Is Full of Noise 05:09
2. Borealis [AIFON mkII] 04:22
3. The New 1 06:14
4. Gliding [Live Take] 05:42
5. Stratos 03:14
6. Thru the Window 04:40
7. Bloomer 04:33
8. Moon [Drones] 06:01
9. Arkane 04:27
10.Tangerines 04:40


released December 27, 2015 

written and produced by Marco Antonio Barbosa 
recorded march-december 2015, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 
design by M.A.Barbosa 
publishing/licensing contact:

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