REWIND (2021)

1. Storm (“Lift Yr. Skinny Fists, Like Antennas to Heaven...”), written by Godspeed You! Black Emperor, 2000 (5:13)
2. Messidor, written by Vini Reilly, 1981 (4:09)
3. Incubation, written by B.Albrecht/I.Curtis/P.Hook/S.Morris, 1979 (3:03)
4. Suicide, written by P.Kember/J.Pierce, 1989 (7:39)
5. Kometenmelodie 2, written by R.Hutter/F.Schneider, 1974 (4:36)
6. Lost of Love, written by Reid Anderson, 2005 (4:17)
7. Rano Pano, written by Mogwai, 2011 (5:56)
8. Interstellar Overdrive, written by S.Barrett/N.Mason/R.Waters/ R.Wright, 1967 (8:54)
9. Fun City, written by John Barry, 1969 (2:41)

borealis is Marco Antonio Barbosa

recorded and mixed at Rio de Janeiro, summer 2010 / winter 2021

cover concept & design by Marco Antonio Barbosa

more info about REWIND at

dedicated to the memory of Martin Hannett, Tony Wilson, Ian Curtis, John Barry, Syd Barrett and Rick Wright

many thanks: Marcelo Costa, Floga-se (, Célula Pop (, Bruno Capelas (, Marcos Bragatto & Bruno Eduardo (O Papo É Pop), Hominis Canidae (, Ricardo Schott, Igor Guerrero, João Bernardo Caldeira, everyone who listened and shared

a Scream & Yell record

to be played at maximum volume

Siemensdream web.jpg

siemensdream (2020)

"Um neunzehnhundert hatte die technische Reproduktion einen Standard erreicht, auf dem sie nicht nur die Gesamtheit der überkommenen Kunstwerke zu ihrem Objekt zu machen und deren Wirkung den tiefsten Veränderungen zu unterwerfen begann, sondern sich einen eigenen Platz unter der kunsterzsehen Verfahrungsweisen eroberte. (...) Die technische Reproduzierbarkeit des Kunstwerks emanzipiert dieses zum ersten Mal in der Weltgeschichte von seinem parasitären Dasein am Ritual."

"By 1900, technical reproduction had reached a standard on which not only did it attempt to make the entirety of the ancient works of art its object, and to subordinate their effects to the deepest changes, but to conquer its own place under this mode of operation. (...) The technical reproducibility of the artwork emancipated it for the first time in world history from its parasitic existence at the ritual."

Walter Benjamin, "Das Kunstwerk im Zeitalter seiner technischen Reproduzierbarkeit" / "The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction" (1935)



written and produced by M.A.Barbosa
recorded at Rio de Janeiro, summer-winter 2019
design byM.A.Barbosa

Marcelo Costa (, Ricardo Schott (, Floga-se (, Audio Rebel (, Alex Mandarino & Leandra Lambert, Joao Pequeno, Flavio Flock, Kayo Iglesias, Rodrigo Marcal, Igor Guerrero, Ulisses Mattos,

contact, copyright and licencing info

a Scream & Yell record,
to be played at maximum volume.


tele-funk-en (2020)

Tele-Funk-En 06:03
D-Pop 06:59
Frog Can 05:13 


released July 13, 2020

written/produced/mixed/designed by M.A.Barbosa
recorded at Rio de Janeiro, spring 2019-summer 2020
publishing, contact etc:
stay at home, listen to music, make some e

capa ok.jpg

omnia (2019)

borealis: omnia 
performed, arranged, produced and mixed by 

1. swallowed 
2. almost there 
3. [breaking] the waves 
4. haçienda 
5. swoon 

6. ride 
7. event horizon 
8. summer 
9. d.b. 
10. turf rock 

recorded and mixed at Rio de Janeiro, winter 2017-spring 2018. mastering powered by 
LANDR. packaging designed by 
M.A.Barbosa. cover: graphic representation of all the observable universe 

Marcelo Costa and, 
João Bernardo Caldeira, everyone who streamed and/or downloaded and/or buzzed about borealis. 


all rights reserved, copyright and licencing info: 

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to be played at maximum volume 

released January 10, 2019

a Scream & Yell Records release


swoon (2018)

   1.Swoon 05:21 
2.Suspension 06:18 
3.Chase 10:30 


borealis: swoon EP 
written, performed, sequenced, recorded, edited and mixed by M.A.Barbosa, spring/summer 2017, Rio de Janeiro 


swoon: also included on O M N I A, 3rd full-lenght borealis' release

suspension and chase: originally written and produced for the soundtrack of the stage play ATAFONA: O FIM, written and directed by João Bernardo Caldeira, 2017. tracks were reworked/remiixed for this release. 


publishing, contact etc: 

thanks: João Bernardo Caldeira

released November 29, 2018


haçienda (2017)

released June 4, 2017 

borealis: haçienda EP. 
1. haçienda [amyl nitrate remix] 
2. haçienda [omnia original mix] 
3. haçienda [synth strings & piano version] 

written, arranged, produced, recorded & mixed by 
recorded at rio de janeiro, summer/autumn 2017 
design by 

more borealis: 
on streaming services: search for "borealis hacienda" 

haçienda [omnia original mix] included on 
omnia, out on 2019

postsolis capa em alta.png

post solis (2016)

1. W25 v. Type B 09:26 
2. Astral 06:13 
3. Supercollider 03:04 
4. Telstar 02:48 
5. [Requiem for the] Men Behind the Sun 05:27 
6. El Fuser 06:56 
7. Skyline 04:17 
8. Les Amants 06:24 
9. Pompeii 04:46 


released September 13, 2016 


borealis: post solis. 

written, arranged, performed, programmed, sequenced, recorded & mixed by 

recorded and mixed at 
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, autumn-winter 2016. 

mastering powered by 

packaging designed by 

copyright, licensing & info: 


Piotr Grudznski, Igor Guerrero, Ricardo Schott/Programa Acorde, Marcelo Costa/Scream & Yell, Alexandre Aquino & Paulo Almeida, Gilber T, Na Mira do Groove, Marcelo Colares, everyone who streamed and/or downloaded and/or buzzed about the first album. 


to be played at maximum volume.


all rights reserved


borealis (2015)

1. All Is Full of Noise 05:09
2. Borealis [AIFON mkII] 04:22
3. The New 1 06:14
4. Gliding [Live Take] 05:42
5. Stratos 03:14
6. Thru the Window 04:40
7. Bloomer 04:33
8. Moon [Drones] 06:01
9. Arkane 04:27
10.Tangerines 04:40


released December 27, 2015 

written and produced by Marco Antonio Barbosa 
recorded march-december 2015, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 
design by M.A.Barbosa 
publishing/licensing contact: