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SIEMENSDREAM featured on Floga-Se website

"I've been connected to German music for a long time. (...) Borealis has always been influenced by krautrock, particularly Neu! and Can, but also Tangerine Dream, Faust... and then I discovered Stockhausen, and he opened a new world for me to explore."

SIEMENSDREAM was featured on the very fine website Floga-se, on a piece (told from a 1st person perspective) about the creation of the album. Check it out (on Portuguese): http://www.botequimdeideias.com.br/flogase/borealis-siemensdream/?fbclid=IwAR2uJHyZn6LzLKTGd5dCLBg95MYoK5v6EzdsTpdR6Iz0avpjHLNQIFtoPls.

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