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TELE-FUNK-EN on Brazilian indie music press

The TELE-FUNK-EN EP is going places. The release was featured on several websites. Click on the links below to check it out (in Portuguese):

Floga-se: https://www.botequimdeideias.com.br/flogase/borealis-tele-funk-en-ep/

Pop Fantasma: https://popfantasma.com.br/pop-fantasma-apresenta-borealis-tele-funk-en/ (with an exclusive interview by Ricardo Schott)

Duofox: https://www.duofox.com.br/tele-funk-en-novo-ep-do-borealis/

Zine Musical: https://zinemusical.wordpress.com/2020/07/24/borealis-faz-experimento-electro-funk-nostalgico-e-ao-mesmo-tempo-futurista/

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