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borealis: one-man noisy instrumental electronic music project by
Marco Antonio Barbosa. drone, lapgaze, krautrock, synthpop. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
4 albuns & 2 EPs so far:
borealis (2015)
post solis (2016)
haçienda EP (2017)
swoon EP (2018)
omnia (2019)
siemensdream (2020)
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contact: borealismusicrj@gmail.com
Siemensdream web.jpg
SIEMENSDREAM, Borealis 4th album, is out now on borealis1.bandcamp.com. An electronic journey through an imaginary Germany, encompassing technology, the Berlin Wall, cold war, underground nightclubbing and endless autobahns. Read more about SIEMENSDREAM (in Portuguese) on Scream & Yell:
news (in Portuguese, mostly)